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V-Gel™ is based on a patented non-animal gelatin replacement derived from seaweed that is a truly viable, stable, and durable non-animal gelatin substitute. Previous vegetarian softgels were brittle and had limited size and application challenges. V-Gel™ represents a technological breakthrough in utilizing the physical characteristics of carrageenan to produce a film that is as strong and durable as animal gelatin.

Softgels are an increasingly popular dosage form and a fast growing segment of the dietary supplement market. V-Gel™ makes it possible to take this trend to the next level with a non-animal shell that will satisfy your customers' vegetarian, religious, and cultural needs.

Appeal to vegetarian/vegan market
No BSE (“Mad Cow”) issue
No beef or pork smell
Simplify export documentation
Clean label
V-Gel™ shell suitable for all
Kosher/Halal certification

Formulation Applications
Oil and paste formulas
Clear or colored shells
Up to 20 oblong die size

Safety and Stability
Stable capsule strength
Excellent sealing properties
Stable in wider temperature and
humid environments





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