Birth of the Company

In 1984, Best Formulations began as a product formulations laboratory and specialty ingredient supplier. Having been a chemist, formulator, and technical director of a large dietary supplement corporation, founder Charlie Ung had the strong credentials and reputation necessary to build a small base of reputable customers. In the beginning, Charlie had to contract the blending jobs for his various formulations. But he soon questioned the handling techniques of the blending services and became concerned about the quality of the finished goods. Charlie purchased a warehouse and his first blender so he could oversee the manufacturing processes and personally guarantee the quality of his products.

Today, Best Formulations has become the premier full-scale contract manufacturer of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, dietary teas, and OTC. We strive to foster an environment of continual learning, teaching, and personal development in a team-oriented environment. We believe that developing quality employees leads to quality products and services to maintain a leadership position in the industry.

"Together We Grow" is a founding principle of founder Charlie Ung. It's at the convergence of Customers, Employees, and Business Partners that propels the company forward and leads to mutual success and prosperity. No company can be successful without good customers, solid business partners, and strong employees all working together.

Our Mission Statement

format_quoteTo develop and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships with our employees, customers, and business partners by providing the highest quality products and the Best customer service. Together We Grow.format_quote

Internal Customer Satisfaction

Our employees are the key to the success of the company. Successful internal customer service leads to successful external customer service. A successful employee has a thirst for knowledge and continual improvement and works well with others. The company is committed to providing the training and tools for each employee's personal growth and advancement. Together, all employees function as one unit, striving to achieve the goals of the company - ultimate customer satisfaction.

External Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are our priority, and we can only succeed if our customers succeed. We strive to be an integral part of their supply chain, working with them closely to ensure a stable supply of quality products. We share in the success of our customers by offering research and development support, product development guidance, and marketing ideas.

Business Partners

Our business partners play an important part in the continued growth and success of the company. We must establish mutually beneficial relationships with quality driven suppliers and vendors. We must have an understanding of their supply chain, and work together to constantly improve lead times and product availability for our customers.