California Transparency In Supply Chains Act

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657) asks companies working in California to share on their website what they do to make sure their supply chains don't have slavery or human trafficking.

Since 1984, Best Formulations, LLC has followed all laws and rules and wants to work with suppliers with the same values. We ask our suppliers to follow our rules about labor, human rights (no slavery or human trafficking), health and safety, and the environment.

Qualification Program:

Best Formulations has a questionnaire for suppliers to ensure they follow all laws, including human trafficking, forced labor, and slavery. Suppliers must promise that the materials they give us follow the laws of the countries where they work.


Best Formulations might visit our supply chain partners to check if they follow all laws, including no slavery or human trafficking. After these visits, we discuss and write down any problems and how to fix them. We will deal with all of the issues we find.


Best Formulations has rules to ensure we follow US federal and state laws about legal labor practices. We want our suppliers to follow our rules too. We are part of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) and support platforms that share audits to help suppliers improve. If we find a supplier breaking our rules, we will look into it and either end the relationship or help them follow the rules.


Best Formulations will teach employees and managers who work with supply chains about human trafficking and slavery and how to lessen risks in the supply chain. For more information, review our code of conduct statement or contact Best Formulations.