Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you GMP certified?

Yes, Best Formulations is NPA and NSF GMP certified, and all of our production facilities meets or exceeds US FDA criteria. We are also an FDA licensed manufacturer.

2. What are your R&D capabilities?

Our strong R&D staff can assist you with raw material sourcing, product formulation, answering your technical questions, offering a professional opinion, running pilot and test batches, and creating products that meet or exceed your targeted criteria.

3. What are your specialties?

We are a premier full-scale contract manufacturer of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, teas, and OTC. We offer a full range of manufacturing services including blending, granulation, tablet compression, tablet coating, two-piece hard-shell gelatin encapsulation, soft gelatin encapsulation, tea bagging, powder packaging, and tablet and capsule packaging.

4. What is your minimum order/batch size?

Each of our high-speed machines require a minimum batch size for each type of product:

Soft Gel 500,000 softgels tolling 1,000,000 softgels
Capsule 500,000 capsules tolling 1,000,000 capsules
Tablet 500,000 tablets tolling 1,000,000 tablets
Tea 300,000 bags
Powder mixes 500 kg
Tincture 10,000 tincture
Pourch 50,000 pourches
Packaging(bottles, powder jars, liquid) 5,000 bottles

The minimum order requirements may differ from above based on formulation and minimum order requirements of raw materials.

5. What products do you manufacture?

We specialize in manufacturing Tablets, Capsules, Softgels, Powders, and Liquids.

6. Do you carry any stock products?

We normally do not stock products with the exception of Lutein 20mg (FloraGlo®) and Kaneka 100 mg QH Ubiquionol Vegetarian Softgel.

7. What documents can you provide or support?

Once you become our customer, we can provide Certificate of Analysis, Product Specifications, copy of our GMP certificate, and other available documents upon your request. We can also support you on the application of export documentation including Free Sale Certificate, Export Certificate, and Manufacture Certificate.

8. Do you sell/distribute your own products?

No. We are a contract manufacturer, not a distributor or a retailer. We provide customized, proprietary formulations designed specifically for you, the private label customers.

9. Do you guarantee product quality?

Providing the highest quality product is our utmost concern and it's also part of our mission statement. This concept starts from the receipt of raw materials through the transformation of the ingredients to finished products ready for shipping. All these steps are performed with strict adherence to and compliance with GMP's requirements. We state the "truth in labeling" and provide the best quality of products for our customers!

10. Can we supply our own materials?

Yes. But each material needs to be tested for conformity to its Certificate of Analysis before it can be approved for use in our formulations.

11. What are your lead-times?

Lead-times are subject to material supply and production load. In general, we would suggest 8-10 weeks of lead-time on the first batch run (new products) and 6-8 weeks for reorders.

12. What products do you make primarily?

We formulate and manufacture a variety of dietary supplement. Please click here for the most popular products that we specialize in. You are also welcomed to contact us for a more detailed product list.

13. Do you provide labels?

We can help provide or source label printing. However, customers typically provide their own product labels based on your own marketing concerns and interest. Our R&D team is available to provide consultation to ensure that the label contents meet all requirements. We can provide you or your assigned print shop with label dimensions, requirements and specifications.

Still have questions? Drop us a line.