Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and laboratory facilities total over 225,000 square feet. Designed specifically for nutraceuticals, our NPA and NSF cGMP Certified facilties allow us to schedule flexible production runs to get your products to market faster without sacrificing quality.

We continually invest in the latest manufacturing and laboratory technologies to maximize efficiency, maintain quality and consistency, stay on top of an ever-changing regulatory climate, and maintain flexible manufacturing capacities that can grow with your business.

We offer a full range of contract manufacturing and packaging services including blending, granulation, tablet compression, tablet coating, two-piece hard-shell gelatin encapsulation, soft gelatin encapsulation, bottling, powder filling, and pill pouching.


Two-piece Hard-Shell Gelatin Capsules

A very popular dosage form in the dietary supplement industry. Capsules are easier for consumers to swallow and the capsules shells dissolve quickly for increased absorption. Each of our high-speed encapsulation machines can produce up to 600,000 capsules per shift. Once encapsulated, all capsules are inspected 100% to ensure that only the highest quality product is passed on to our customers.


Soft Gelatin Capsules(Softgels)

According to recent studies, this is the dosage form preferred by most customers. Softgels are sleek, easy to swallow, and provide other advantage including improved bioavailability, uniformity, tamper resistance, and precise dosages. As with all of our products, we offer custom formulation to meet our customer's specifications. We can produce softgels in a variety of shapes and colors.



This industry standard is the most widely used dosage form because of its relatively inexpensive cost. We can manufacture a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit your requirements. Each of our high-speed, high-tonnage presses can produce at speed up to 1,000,000 tablets per shift, and with the number of presses available, we can offer very short lead-time.


Powder Blending

This is a popular form for high dosage products such as diet and fiber drinks. We specialize in protein powders, meal replacement drinks, and custom blends. We can provide these products in bulk, or packaged in jars, cans, or buckets.


Tea Bags

Teas are among the most popular beverages worldwide. Diet, herbal, and medicinal teas are quickly becoming an everyday routine in many people's lives and companies are capitalizing on this trend by introducing products in a tea form. Best Formulations had been manufacturing tea blends and tea bags nearly as long as we've been in business. We customize our formulas to meet our customer's specific requirements. We offer tea blends, tea bags, tea bags in foil, and full packaging.