Best Formulations is one of very few companies in the world that manufactures and packages all our products in-house. Our impressive manufacturing capabilities and capacities currently service hundreds of customers all over the world, from new start-ups to multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporations.


Soft Gelatin Capsules(Softgels)

Studies have shown that this is the dosage form preferred by most customers. Softgels are sleek, easy to swallow, and provide other advantage including improved bioavailability, uniformity, tamper resistance, and precise dosages. As with all of our products, we offer custom formulations to meet our customer's specifications. We can produce softgels in a variety of shapes and colors using a number of different shell formulations (including vegetarian, piscine, bovine, and porcine) and can provide enteric coating services. Our annual production capacity of 2 billion softgels places us as one of the largest softgel manufacturers in the industry.


Two-piece Hard-Shell Gelatin Capsules

A very popular dosage form in the dietary supplement industry. Capsules are easier for consumers to swallow and the capsules shells dissolve quickly for increased absorption. Once encapsulated, all capsules are inspected 100% to ensure that only the highest quality product is passed on to our customers. We have experience encapsulating with a variety of different hard shell capsules including bovine, vegetarian, and acid resistant capsules. Additional encapsulation services include slugging (when necessary), formulating without excipients, and temperature/humidity sensitive formulations (such as probiotics). Our annual hard shell encapsulation capacity is approximately 1.5 billion capsules.



This industry standard is the most widely used dosage form because of its relatively inexpensive cost. We can manufacture and coat a wide range of tablet sizes and shapes to fit your requirements. We are experts in manufacturing chewable tablets where taste is of utmost importance. We can produce 2.5 billion tablets annually.


Powder Blending

This is a popular form for high dosage products such as meal replacement, protein, diet, and fiber drinks. When it comes to powder formulas, organoleptic properties such as taste and dissolution are everything, and our R&D team are experts in those areas. We formulate and manufacture a number of different powder formulas including probiotics, protein, fiber, meal replacement, and other specialized custom blends. We can provide these products in bulk, or packaged in jars, cans, or buckets.



We’ve been formulating and manufacturing probiotic products for over 30 years. Probiotics are a high growth product category, but require the right experience and knowledge in handling these sensitive products to ensure potency and efficacy. A good probiotic formulation starts with the formula, from correct strain selection, calculating overages, and the proper excipients. We have specific manufacturing processes specifically for probiotic products to ensure their quality and potency through the production and packaging process.